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I have decided to retire after finishing up my remaining scheduled work. I truly appreciate the trust my customers have put in me to take care of their repairs over the years. They opened their homes to me, a total stranger, and trusted that I would fix things right. I consider that an honor and privilege.

How Often Do You Hear Yourself Saying “I Wish I Could Find An Honest, Dependable, and Reliable Handyman?” Well, that was my wish for years; to find that handyman who reflected my values, to refer customers to when I couldn’t help them.

Hi, my name is Lou Siron, and I have a handyman business here in Boise, Idaho. Handyman Lou; that’s me. I’m old school; I have a set of standards that I live and work by: I believe in being on time to an appointment or job and will call if I see I’ll be late. I take pride in my work as the work reflects how much I believe in myself. I know the limits of my skills and will let you know when you ask too much of me. I believe in giving my customers more than what they expect. And I’m flexible and adapt to change well.

If you like what I wrote about myself then you’ll want to give Ryan Smith a call. I’m referring all new work to him.

I know you’ll like Ryan and his quality work ethic.

You can contact Ryan two ways:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (203) 909-5221 (note this is not area code 208)

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  1. Chris says:

    I am a new owner of a spec home that didn’t quite have all the finishing touches I needed…so I called Handyman Lou. I have used other handymen in the Boise area before, but was not thrilled with their work or their fees. I was glad I found Lou. Even more so after all the great work he has done for me. He installed 5 ceiling fans, 3 light fixtures, the sprinkling system, fence, sod, dog door, storm door, water softener, and additional hose bibs just to name a few….the work he did was done efficiently, professionally and in a timely manner. I HIGHLY recommend Lou for any job! I have a few more things that need attention and will not hesitate to call Handyman Lou. I have recommended him to all my family and friends. Give Lou a call…you will be glad you did!

  2. Victoria says:

    Thanks to Lou I have a excellently repaired futon. The front two legs had both lost the threads and were causing the couch to wobble and frankly be unsafe to sit, let alone sit on. So he came, re-drilled and threaded the posts, and voila just like new! Actually better than because the right side came like that..Just a fantastic job well done! Super friendly, great handyman! Definitely calling again for help and recommending to others!

  3. handymanlou says:

    Thank you Victoria. I thoroughly loved working with you today and I’m glad you’re pleased with my handywork.

  4. Karen Appelgren says:

    I hired Handyman Lou this spring to complete a long list of deferred maintenance projects at my home. Lou’s work was high-quality and completed with meticulous attention at reasonable rates. Lou is a trustworthy and talented professional. He goes the extra mile to find cost-effective solutions. He is prompt, courteous, efficient, and kind. I highly recommend Handyman Lou to my family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and the public at large!

  5. Sharon Brown says:

    Lou is a personal friend of mine, so I trust him completely. Lou is 100% honest & trustworthy & an all around nice guy. Not only does he have a wide range of knowledge when it comes to handyman skills, but he’s also very patient and thinks through very carefully the strategy before doing the job. I appreciate this! Lou has rewired lamps for me, replaced furnace filters that were too high for me to reach, and helped me move The Heaviest Bed Frame in The World from a 2nd story bedroom, down a steep set of stairs, onto his trailer, and across town to my house. Lou was very patient & diligent during the entire move. Not a finger or toe was smashed, no knashing of teeth, nor scratches on the bed frame during the move. Wow, was I impressed! I can’t say enough good things about Lou.

  6. Susie Headlee says:

    My husband and I hired Lou Siron (“Handyman Lou”) in January 2014 for a home remodel. It was supposed to be a small job; but as things go, we turned it into a large remodel — our changes didn’t phase Lou in the least! He was truly amazing — he returned phone calls promptly; kept us informed as to the work schedule; researched the internet when necessary; when I wanted something a bit different than what was in the original bid, Lou was gracious and accommodating and would go and shop for the new items, and let me know exactly what the news costs would be. He stayed within our budget and often made recommendations for cost savings. We also enjoyed Lou’s warm personality. The end result is more than we had hoped for! We wholeheartedly endorse Lou and please feel free to contact him for our phone number if you would like a reference, or to speak about his work quality, demeanor, etc. Susie Headlee

  7. Caitlin S. says:

    Lou repaired a large part of my drywall that my dog destroyed. He did a wonderful, quick job, and I would not hesitate to call him for other handyman needs. I trust Lou… He is fair and did a quick but thorough job. He explained everything and was very kind. Thanks, Lou!

  8. Carole Milstead says:

    My brother bought a house that was supposedly “handicap accessible” or “handicap ready”. However, it was barely legally advertised. No ramps were installed for wheelchair access…no bars around the potty…We had Handiman Lou come in an put ramps at the doors, (my brother is wheelchair/walker bound and put in the bars in the restroom. I appreciate that Lou not only did the ramps and bars, but that he did little things to help my brother have a comfortable living space. He is friendly, professional and took care of details I would not have thought of.

  9. handymanlou says:

    Here’s a comment I recently received via e-mail from my customer, Anita. Thank you Anita!

    This is a real stamp of approval to whomever needs an honest to goodness “HANDYMAN”.

    I have known Louis Siron now for quite some time as an ex-neighbor of my daughter’s. She sang his praises as to all his capabilities. I have now found out for myself how he can put together, repair, take apart, install drapes as well as electrical, smoke alarms, faucets, and all general clean-up. You just name it and he can do it.

    H e even installed an access for our water pump for our Homeowner’s Association…and then put together a grill and replaced a garbage disposal for a couple of our ladies.

    Lou is very thorough and very capable and neat in whatever he does. And if he says he’ll be there at a certain time, he’ll be there.

    I was also happy to have my gutters and downspouts cleaned out. I thought after 12 yrs. They must need it!!

    I could go on and on about his abilities, but I hope if you have a home……there are so many things that have to be done, that we don’t know how to do them, don’t want to do them, or don’t have time to do them…..then, that’s the time to call Lou!! (208) 484-6524.

    Someone who appreciates good work

  10. MLM says:

    Lou has helped me many times the last two years with home repairs and good advice. He does high quality work and seems to knows just what is needed. He can spot a problem and suggests ways to solve it. The one time he felt he could not fix a roof problem, he suggested another company and then checked back to make sure they had fixed the problem. I have always been happy with the repairs and work Lou has done and will be calling him again and again. Thanks Lou….

    • handymanlou says:

      Thanks Mary Lou. I am very careful about who I refer my customers to and try to make sure they are well taken care of.

    • handymanlou says:

      Mary Lou, Thanks for your very positive comments! I really appreciate you. I have to laugh at myself sometimes. When I visit a potential customer’s home I find that I always “have a look around” as I approach the house. It seems funny to me but I am consistently surprised at how many clogged rain gutters, leaking faucets, broken sprinkler heads, or other exterior concerns are invisible to a typical homeowner. I guess we get so used to our homes that we don’t open our eyes and take a good look around from time to time. I would say the biggest thing I notice when I visit is how the front door fits the frame. Doors can be big heating and cooling losers as well as being marginally secure; all due to how the door latches to the jamb, how it aligns with the weather stripping and threshold. Still, I have to laugh at myself when I catch myself doing “the scan.” I hope you, the reader, take a few minutes to take a good look at your home too. It could save you lots in future repairs.

  11. Colleen G says:

    Lou came to our home today and repaired 9 doors that were improperly hung by a painter. I was very pleased with him from start to finish. He was not available when I called but he promptly returned my call. He had a cancellation and was able to do the work next day. He showed up promptly on time, was very professional and personable. He took great pride in his work and was very respectful of our home. The work was done well, he was organized and reasonably priced. I will definitely be using him again.

    • handymanlou says:

      Colleen, Thanks for your trust and allowing me into your home to take care of your door problems. It pains me in a weird sort of way when customers hire me to correct shoddy work from other contractors. At the same time, I am thankful for the chance to correct the issues so your home can be a place of comfort and pleasure. Thanks for allowing me to do that for you.

  12. Bill Cutshall says:

    I needed a skilled craftsman; glad I found Lou on the web. He arrived yesterday when he said he would, fixed my door expertly and charged a fair price. Thank you, Lou… I’m will keep your business card handy!

    • handymanlou says:

      Thanks for the compliment Bill. I strive to arrive on time and maintain communications with my customers; something that seems to be sadly lacking in the construction field.

  13. Julie Lacey says:

    We’ve had Lou come out and do a few jobs for us around our house. There are two things that are important to me when hiring someone to do work on my home: 1) Do they respect my time? 2) Do they respect my property? The answer to both when it comes to Lou is a resounding “Yes”! He’s where he says he’s gonna be when he says he’s gonna be there, and he makes sure to leave your place looking as good (or better) than it did before he got there. Without hesitation, I would call Lou for any projects around my house. He does excellent work for a fair price.

  14. Laurie says:

    Great job Lou !!
    Took patience to figure out what the toilet problem was but you kept at it until it was fixed
    Thanks !!

  15. laurie says:

    Handyman Lou helped me out today on several home maintenance issues and I am so very pleased with his work. I found Lou to be pleasant, informative, skilled and honest. I am so very glad I found him and will not hesitate to call upon his service and expertise again. Thank you Lou for being what you profess to be.

  16. Donna Noel says:

    We had Lou do some much needed repair work-painting,fixing windows and making sure our linoleum didn’t roll up. He also weatherproofed the outside doors. He did a great job for a reasonable price. Thanks Lou, see you next time.

  17. MJ Foster says:

    I’m a realtor here in the Boise area, and Lou was an awesome resource for both me and my clients! He took on some significant projects for a remodel that was left incomplete by another contractor, and did awesome work as well as some price shopping on materials for the client. His experience and know-how is wonderful, and I’ll continue recommending him in the future!

  18. Craig says:

    Lou came out to give us an estimate on a door issue and after looking at it in detail and explaining what needed to be fixed, ended up recommending that we have it covered by our warranty. He could have fixed it and charged us, but instead just explained what needed to be done to have the builder do the work, which wouldn’t cost us anything. While out at our house he gave some other repair recommendations on the door latch it ever had trouble and how we could repair that if necessary. So, sadly I can’t write much about his work here since he’s so honest and ended up just doing the right thing for us. Lou’s earned himself first on our list to call when we need any work done.

    • handymanlou says:

      Thanks for your kind words Craig. It goes against my grain to charge/accept payment for things that should not be charged for. Some would say that I’m “leaving money on the table” by not charging but I know better. Money isn’t everything; integrity is.

  19. Mark says:

    Lou gave us great advice, fixed what we needed fixed in a cost-efficient manner, and helped us with what we could do ourselves. His range of knowledge and expertise is impressive. But Lou’s attitude and work ethic are especially refreshing! We look forward to working with him again when needed. Thank you very much, Lou. We appreciate your good work.

  20. genny says:

    Lou saved the day for us! We are grateful that a neighbor recommended him to us – neither my husband or I are very handy. We had an issue with a leaky outside faucet and Lou knew exactly what to do to fix it. He also spent time on the phone with me prior to his visit and explained what was likely wrong. Because of that, I was able to go get the parts ahead of time and the repair he did was fast and great! We would highly recommend Lou and will definitely call him again if we need him!

    • handymanlou says:

      Thanks for your kind comments Genny. I do like to “educate” my customers on how to fix things around the house. I figure, if I can do it so can you. Unless you are a klutz…or don’t care to know…or are too busy (so many are!)…or just want a good looking handyman to do the work.

  21. Karen Thomas says:

    Lou is very thorough and very capable and neat. And if he says he’ll be there at a certain time, he’ll be there. Lou install a new door in the master bedroom it looks great. Appreciate the quick response time also great work .

  22. Marie webb says:

    We have had Lou several times to help us out. He is a very conscientious worker, precise and never cuts corners. I would recommend him to anyone that wants a job done right.
    He goes the extra to make it fit, work and look good.
    He is on time and is really goood to work around your times and schedules.
    He installed a very difficult barn door for us and had to make several adjustments to the whole set up….he did an amazing job!! Thsnk you so much!!

  23. Mary Highley says:

    Lou has worked for my sister and she referred him to me. I wasn’t disappointed. Lou was wonderful – he even went with me to Home Depot to show me lighting options. Lou is conscientious and reliable. It’s a welcome relief to have someone you can trust. Lou responds quickly, he shows up on time and is knowledgeable about his craft. I recommend Lou to anyone who wants thorough reliable help.

  24. Kerry Derr says:

    Lou has worked on our home several times. We are always very satisfied with the quality of his work. He is always on time, the price is right, and his care and concern for our home is present. He is willing to teach how to do the simplest repairs but I just kid him about him being out of a job then!!

    • handymanlou says:

      Thanks for your kind remarks. Yes, I do like to instruct my customers, when they’re willing to listen, on how to do some of the very easy repairs they hire me to do. And I do get a lot of kidding about how I will run out of business if everyone learns how to take care of things themselves. And, like my business card says “Love the home but hate the work? Know how but don’t have the time?”, most of my customers love the convenience of having someone else do the work and free up their time to do things they would rather do. They like to spread their wealth, so to speak. And I appreciate them, each and every one. They give me the opportunities to fulfill my love of helping others whenever I can.

  25. Mindy S. says:

    Lou installed wainscoting in my half bath. He really thought the job through and it turned out beautiful. He is professional, nice and very reasonable. I will definitely use him again.

  26. Mark Salisbury says:

    I contacted Lou about repairing an exterior faucet/spigot. He was booked out a little ways but he provided some instructions to me to help me do the job myself; I usually do take care of these kinds of job myself. Lou is truly a great guy who enjoys helping others! Thank you Lou!

    • handymanlou says:

      Thanks for the compliment, Mark. I often get requests from potential new customers that involve work that they could do themselves but they lack the knowledge of how to do it. I love to share what I know with anyone who is interested in learning.

  27. Dave Bear says:

    Based on the recommendation of a friend, we contacted Lou for some small repairs at our home. He replied promptly, we arranged for a visit to estimate the work. He showed up on time, looked at the job, and gave us an estimate. After consulting our calendar, we called him and scheduled the work. He showed up on time, did a great job, and stayed within his estimate! He also had a personality! He even joked around….kind of refreshing! He will be our go to for handyman jobs from now on!

    • handymanlou says:

      Thanks Dave! A funny thing about showing up: the customer I visited after I finished your work told me of another contractor they chose to do some work and never showed up to do the work, didn’t even call to cancel. That behavior just runs so counter to my way of doing business I am just amazed.

  28. Jennifer Doe says:

    In August I came across Lou’s website and am thrilled that I did! From our first meeting for him to install a new garbage disposal, I found him comfortable to talk with (he has a great personality), his prices are fair, he is honest, dependable, respectful, and takes pride in getting his work done thoroughly and correctly. Since that time, he has done quite a few other projects around my house and he has always gone above and beyond. He took the time to explain things about each project so I understood what he was doing. I highly recommend Lou – you will not regret it!

  29. Jan Peterson says:

    We asked Lou to build a platform for our front load washer and dryer to raise it up. He is very meticulous and planned out every detail before starting. The platform is built in perfectly to fit the space and tiled to match the floor in the laundry room. He used the existing floor boards to create the finished look as it was when just the floor. We were very impressed with just how professional he is and the finished product is. We would very highly recommend him and use his again if needed for another project.
    Thank you Lou

    • handymanlou says:

      Thank you, Jan, for your recommendation. The floor boards, actually large format tile, was a new material that I’ve not previously worked with. It was a great challenge. Your encouraging words while I worked on the project really helped me do my best.

  30. Joann Elliott says:

    I had handyman Lou come to my home this morning and he replaced my kitchen faucet for me and did an excellent job and I recommend him to anybody for work and his price is very very reasonable and thank you Lou for doing my job for me I really appreciate your work

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