Welcome To Boise Handyman Lou

How Often Do You Hear Yourself Saying “I Wish I Could Find An Honest, Dependable, and Reliable Handyman?”

Have You Become Frustrated With A Situation Where You Need Help But Have Hesitated And Procrastinated Because You Don’t Personally Know Anyone Who Can Help?

Hi, my name is Lou Siron, and I have a handyman business here in Boise, Idaho. Handyman Lou; that’s me. I specialize in small jobs and projects around the house and yard. I’m ready to help you with many kinds of repairs and modifications. You can read more about what services I provide via the links at the top of this page just below the pretty picture.

I’m old school; I have a set of standards that I live and work by: I believe in being on time to an appointment or job and will call if I see I’ll be late. I take pride in my work as the work reflects how much I believe in myself. I know the limits of my skills and will let you know when you ask too much of me. I believe in giving my customers more than what they expect. And I’m flexible and adapt to change well.

Before you do business with me I invite you to read some of my articles, leave me comments, ask me questions. It will be an honor for me when you invite me to work for you, especially if you are a homeowner or senior. I don’t invite just anybody into my home and I’m sure you don’t either.

I look forward to getting to know you.

You can contact me two ways:

Email: handymanlou@BoiseHandymanLou.com

Phone: (208) 484-6524

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