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A Handyman Living in Boise, Idaho

As a handyman living in Boise, Idaho, I have skillsets that are relative to this region. Our particular type of weather and high desert location require such things as watering systems for the yard and garden that are not necessary in areas where regular rainfall makes such systems unnecessary. And snow in the winter is typically not a huge concern other than the occasional need for de-icing of sidewalks and drives.

Ask anyone you know the question “What is a handyman?” and you’re likely to get a different answer every time. Googling the question “What is a handyman?” will result in over 17 million results.

Dictionary definition of handyman

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary a handyman is:

1 : one whose work is the doing of general miscellaneous tasks;  especially: one who performs miscellaneous or routine tasks (as about a home, public building, factory, laboratory)
2 : one that is competent in a variety of small skills or inventive or ingenious in repair or maintenance work (as around a house) or in the construction of handy devices

Other definitions of what a handyman is

Handymen are generalists, not specialists. We’re broadly experienced craftsmen that repair, maintain, and remodel most aspects of homes with the same men; not a parade of specialists. Handymen are creative and careful and listen to what you want.

We strive to offer multiple alternatives to solving a problem.

Throw a real problem at us to see how we shine.  Because we are considered a “jack of all trades” a handyman must continuously evolve and learn different techniques and trends of the job.

Hire a handyman or contractor?

It really depends on the job. Many contractors don’t want to be bothered by small jobs like replacing a fence post or replacing smoke alarm batteries or light bulbs in high light fixtures. For example, I was asked to bid a 5ft high chain link fence around a 10 ft x 10 ft patio. The homeowner had two bids from fencing companies in the $700 – $900 range. My bid was about half of those bids.

Contractors typically utilize subcontractors/workers with specific skillsets such as plumbers, electricians, drywallers, carpenters, etc. Handymen do all of the work themselves. If time to completion is a major factor in your project then hiring a contractor may be your best option.

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