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Boise, ID native, USNavy veteran, survivor of 26yrs at Hewlett Packard (during the good years), love to tinker, take apart and put back together (without extra pieces left over), gardener, amateur landscaper, love to fish for trout, crappie, smallmouth bass, catfish, and just about anything else that swims in fresh water. I am also a spiritual gardener; have tools for growing and nurturing the soul including past-life regression and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). I would like to do more woodworking with my Shopsmith but there's so much other stuff to do that I also like and love.

A Fun Loft Bed for My Toddler Grandson

My grandson, Charlie, is a typical boy; loves to climb, run, jump, and play play play. I think he plays in his sleep too. He had his own bed but often sleeps with mom and dad where he flops and … Continue reading

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