Biggest oven in the Treasure Valley!

Imagine the pizza you could bake in this baby!

It’s a good 14 ft square or so and runs at a steady 325 degrees or thereabouts.

But this oven is not for baking food. It is for baking paint on metal; part of a process known as powder coating. Powder coating is usually used on metal and creates a finish much harder and long lasting than conventional paint and is environmentally friendly.

I was introduced to this oven today by Jeff Hansen, the Office Manager at Coatings Plus in Garden City. According to Jeff, the guys there at Coatings Plus can likely renew the finish on just about any kind of metal products used around the home.

I was there at Coatings Plus to drop off some wire panels, part of a cat cage job I’m currently working on (I’ll write about that project in another article). Jeff gave me the 50 cent tour of his clean facility and I was very impressed.

My Favorite Patio Furniture is rusting!

If you have a set of metal patio furniture that is suffering from the elements, showing signs of rust, then powder coating could be your savior. Or maybe you have some other metal outdoor feature like a shepherd’s hook, trellis, or garden ornament that has seen better days. Renew with powder coating paint. These guys can rejuvenate with just about any color in the rainbow.

Coatings Plus has a web site at

Give them a call and tell them Lou sent you.


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  1. Jeff Hansen says:


    Thanks for your kind words. i would like to put a fine point on one thing in the article, the floor of the oven is 20′ X 12′ which would be 240 square feet and it is 10′ high for a total volume of 2400 cubic feet. Yup you sure could cook a lot of pizzas.


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