Buried sprinklers spell disaster

Here’s a follow-up to my previous post on setting in-ground sprinklers to the correct depth for hassle free operation.

Just finished a sprinkler repair job in which all of the broken sprinklers were buried; literally. Take a look at these next pics.


As you can see, the whole sprinkler body is completely buried with grass roots beginning to grow over the top. Those roots will eventually prevent the head from popping up at all.

These next two pics clearly show how deep the head is buried.

Notice the 1/2″ of grass roots above the top of this sprinkler.

Another buried way too deep.

I replace 5 buried rotor type sprinklers that no longer rotated. A possible cause for failure is the extra load of the pressure of the dirt and grass roots on the sprinkler. These things are plastic throughout.

I’m not critical of the original installer. I believe the real culprit here is earthworms. Don’t get me wrong, worms are one of the most beneficial organisms for lawn. They are natural aerators whose tunnels help water move down through the soil into the root system.

The problem is the mounds the worms make. These build up over the years and can raise the soil level enough to bury these heads. That’s where you come in; a sprinkler system is not something you install and then just forget about. A regular system of maintenance is necessary for problem free operation.

In a future post I will provide some handy tips on things to check in your sprinkler system for proper operation.

I can provide guidance if you want to do the work yourself but aren’t sure what needs to be done. You can also schedule a system evaluation in which I can answer questions, point out problems or potential problems in your system, and help you fine tune your system.

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