A Common Sprinkler System Issue

It’s the middle of summer with temps over 90 and you’re doing your best to stay inside out of the heat. Good thing you have that sprinkler system regularly watering your lawn so you don’t have to pull the hose. And it sure is nice you hired those guys to mow your lawn too.

Then you notice that there are brown spotsĀ  here and there in the lawn; some big, some even bigger. What’s up with that?

Or you notice that some of the pop-ups don’t go back down and that you have to nudge them with your foot before they move.

The issue? Worn out heads. What a pain!

You may have avoided the problem if you had known what to look for? What would you look for? Heads buried too far into the turf. Dirt and grass roots cause early failures in most heads. Inside all gear driven and stationary pop-up heads is a white plastic gasket. Dirt and roots can act like sandpaper on the sprinkler shaft, abrading it like sandpaper.

The solution: make sure your sprinkler caps (the part that is threaded onto the sprinkler body) are above ground. This will lengthen your sprinkler life and reduce the time expense of maintaining your system.

And, no, you will not chop the top off with your mower when you set them to this level in the ground.

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