Winter Blues to Cool Hues Part 1

Do-It-Yourself-Remodeling Takes Patience

Part one in a series of posts on updating my 60’s era home

I’m tired of the old dark wood paneling and have intended to rip it out for many years now. My home needs to be full of light and airy (some say its the Gemini in me).

Work was at a standstill and I had a big gift card from Home Depot just burning a hole in my pocket. So I took the dive. What was I thinking!?

It is the end of February and I started this crazy project the beginning of January. I’m still not done and there’s a long way to go. And the place has such a great new feel that it is all worthwhile.

Here are a couple of before and after pics. I’ll follow up with posts on the various stages/phases I’ve gone through.

The Old Living Room and Entry – Dark and Dreary

Dark wood paneling

Old Entry Wall with paneling

Living Room wall with dark wood paneling

Living Room Wall with Paneling

Hall wall paneled with dark wood paneling

Hall Paneled with dark wood paneling

The New Look – Light Green and Creamy

Entry wall updated

New Entry Wall

Updated Hall Wall

New Lighter Hall Wall

Updated Living Room Wall

Living Room After

What a difference in light!

Oh Please Don’t Paint the Paneling

Some friends suggested that I just paint the old paneling. But that would be ugly and the painted grooves in the paneling would just be tacky beyond belief.

Next post I’ll show some under-construction views and outline some of the “extra” work I encountered.



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